What IF

Are you in a battle of WHAT IF.

Bring your cares and your concerns to the Lord. Invite Holy Spirit and allow the Lord to infuse – create – launch- cultivate a new thing.

What if discouragement is a place to birth forth more Joy.  

What if dissatisfaction is a place to birth more contentment. 

What if anxious thoughts are a place to birth forth more trust in Him and to rest.

What if these thoughts that are invading are a place to birth forth a rising of the warrior within to stand in the authority He has given you.  

What if fears are to birth forth more of His perfect love.

I encourage you to declare that the Lord always have the best for all these things before you. Taking what is meant for evil and making good.  Making ashes to beauty.  

What If I no longer bow down to discouragement and bow my heart to the Joy I have in Him. Filling my heart with Hope that never disappoints.

What If I no longer bow down to discontentment and bow my heart you Lord who is exceeding abundantly more than I can ask or imagine. I lack no good thing.  All good and perfect gift flow from your throne and your favor is a shield about me.

What If I no longer bow down to anxiousness and bow my heart to your perfect peace.

What if I no longer bow down to fear and bow my heart to your great unending everlasting perfect love.

What are your what if’s today?  

Ask the Lord to show you the what if of your heart.  He wants to bring forth life, truth, and glory to His name.

Prayer ~

Father, You know all things. You know how to turn our what-ifs into birthing forth something new.  Holy Spirit I pray for the anointing upon souls  { mind, will & emotions} to overflow with a new mindset of greater things you desire to do in and through us ~  in our what if’s? Give us Lord new perspectives to speak forth your wisdom to see as you see. Calling those things as though they already exist.  Your word is a lamp to our feet Lord and a light to our path. Your presence is all we need. You guide us to what is good. Today we chose to lay down our What if ~  to ~ But God …….  Who brings life and peace into all things by Your Glorious Spirit. Who brings us into all truth. For your Glory and namesake. Your will be done in us as it is in Heaven. In Jesus name, we pray Amen!

Blessing ~

May the Lord show you all He desires for you in all your what if’s. May your hearts be lifted to the newness He is birthing forth. May your hearts not be troubled but be of good cheer for the One who loves you is for you and has overcome the world.

God Bless.

Worship ~


Under Grace Ministries was birthed in my heart by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  He planted this desire to partake with Him to touch lives with the Word of God.  To draw you closer to know the Father’s love and His Grace that abounds through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. 

I love the word of God and desire to continue to grow in love with the Lord more and more. As I walk with the Lord I have learned that Gods word is powerful, healing & restores our souls. 

My desire is that the Lord will use this ministry to touch your hearts and work within you as you receive His word by faith.

My prayer is that the Lord will not only transform you and renew your mind but for Him to begin to stir a desire within you for His word to be a lamp to your feet and a Light to your path to where He has called you to. 

Throughout this site, you will find various areas to glean from. 

May this Ministry bless you and inspire you to grow in your walk with the Lord.  

May your hearts expand with great expectancy of the Lord’s blessings.  Amen. 

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May Streams of Living water flow to you from His Grace.

Sharon Reyes: Ordained *Licensed No.01480